When I learned about the desperate situation at a hospital in the Kaboong district of Uganda, I knew we had to take action...

+ + Shocking desperation

Youth With A Mission Kaboong (YWAM), our partners on the ground, shared with us that in the month before this feeding program began, 150 hospital patients perished -- mostly from malnutrition.

It's shocking. The poverty and desperation in this part of Uganda are so extreme that people were effectively abandoning their sick relatives at the hospital. But the hospital simply lacked the resources to feed the patients.

So patients were dying in shocking numbers... in the hospital.

Now, there is hope once again. With our YWAM partners, Mercy Chefs is helping to provide meals to every hospital patient twice daily. And these meals are literally saving lives.

+ + This young girl would have died...

Take the example of Sire, a young girl who broke her legs after falling from a tree while gathering leaves for food. She was taken to the hospital and knew that was essentially a death sentence:

“If you had not come I would have already died. Thank you for helping me to live. My parents had given me up as I fell from a tree because [of the] famine looking for the leaves for food and got paralyzed in both the legs. I depend on the food (Mercy Chefs) provides so that I can stay in the hospital. I thank God for sending His people to help people like me."

I want to make sure every patient in this hospital has the proper nutrition -- no matter how long this crisis lasts.

Can you help?

Amazingly, it costs about $100 to provide 500 meals in the midst of this crisis. That means your gift of $100 can help feed 250 hospital patients two meals TODAY! Go here to help feed hospital patients in Uganda who desperately need help:

Thanks in advance for partnering with Mercy Chefs to intervene in this life-and-death crisis.

God bless you,

Gary LeBlanc
Founder and CEO