As you know, Mercy Chefs and our international relief partners have been delivering tens of thousands of meals and vital supplies to suffering Ukrainians deep inside Ukraine for several days. I have an important update...

+ + Tons of food delivered directly to Ukraine war zone!

I can now confirm and share with you that we have already delivered over 40 tons of food directly into Kharkiv -- Ukraine's second largest city which is about 300 miles east of Kyiv and has been under siege for days. Kharkiv is on the very front lines of this war. Some worry that if Kharkiv falls, all of Ukraine will fall. Here's how the BBC describes what's happening in Kharkiv:

"At night the city is in near total blackout. A steady beat of Russian strikes fall through the night. Kharkiv was once Ukraine's capital - it has the parks, cathedrals, museums and theatres you would expect.... All of the city is now a front line."

Many in Kharkiv are sheltering in the subways. Things are getting very desperate. They are running out of food, and the weather is still very cold in much of Ukraine (low temps are in the single digits).

In the midst of this war tragedy, Mercy Chefs is bringing relief. The very front line of the war is on one side of the city and Mercy Chefs is helping to deliver and distribute food and resources just on the other side of the battle lines. Through our warehouse system that we established on the Romanian border, we are continuing to send massive loads of food and resources both to refugees at the border and those in cities like Kharkiv.

We are running as hard as we can and yet everything in me wants to do more. But to do so, I need YOUR HELP!

Will you partner with Mercy Chefs to get relief directly to the front lines of battle in cities like Kharkiv where the people desperately need food and other vital supplies? Your gift this weekend will help us get relief to suffering Ukrainians THIS WEEKEND! Go here:

Our team is bringing the food and resources by truck into Kharkiv and other locations. Then, we work with local churches to repackage the goods into smaller, family-sized bags which makes distribution both easier and safer.

Right now, there is a window of opportunity to help those deep inside Ukraine who are suffering greatly. The very nature of the horror of war means that window could be shut at any moment. 

Without this lifeline, those on the frontlines face even more immense suffering and starvation. That's why, while the window is open, we must do everything we can to help!

Please help me keep this lifeline going for suffering Ukrainians! Help me provide tens and hundreds of thousands of meals while the window of opportunity is still open.

Thanks in advance, and God bless,

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs

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Source: BBC