Tuesday Report from Ukraine Border:

This breaks my heart -- a mom had nothing to feed her child for three weeks! Every day, with your help, we're getting food to thousands inside Ukraine. Please help me save lives today, and see below. --Gary

Today has been another very busy day of providing food and essentials for both refugees and those deep inside Ukraine. We have now helped deliver over 800,000 pounds of groceries and supples to those in this war-devastated region. But the need only increases by the day.

As I shared yesterday, our network inside Ukraine is taking food into the basements of the war-torn buildings where people are hiding out, just trying to survive another day. It's a nightmare situation for those still in Ukraine. Will they survive the next night of bombings? Will they find something to eat to keep them alive?

One of the pastors we are working with shared a story from a recent delivery in Kharkiv that breaks my heart...

+ + Nothing to eat for THREE WEEKS!

When possible during food deliveries, our team finds moms and children in desperate need and gives them safe transport to the border and out of Ukraine. Recently after dropping off food in Kharkiv, this pastor was helping a mom and her son get to safety. During the drive back to the border, he handed them two biscuits because he could tell they were hungry. But something strange happened...

The boy barely ate the biscuit. He only nibbled at its edges. 

The pastor was puzzled, until the mom explained that they hadn't had anything of significance to eat in THREE WEEKS and the boy wasn't sure how long he needed to make the biscuit last!

At the first opportunity, the pastor stopped the vehicle and made sure the boy had plenty to eat. He wasn't going to be hungry any more. They were headed to safety -- a place to sleep away from the bombings and food every day.

These are the horrors that these children are facing as they cling to life inside Ukraine. It's tragic. But today, we can help. The window of opportunity remains open for Mercy Chefs to bring hundreds of thousands of pounds of food to refugees and war victims inside Ukraine. 

Earlier today, we loaded up another truck full of food and resources for Ukrainians who are at the epicenter of this war -- many facing starvation. Each truckload costs thousands of dollars. The only way we can sustain this financial burden is if thousands of friends partner with us every day to help suffering Ukrainians. Can I count on your help as we feed tens of thousands of Ukrainians every day? Go here to make your tax-deductible gift:

I have never seen such a desperate situation. Over 3 million have fled the country. Millions more are still inside Ukraine, facing death and desperate hunger every day.

Please continue to pray! Please spread the word to your friends who want to help. And thanks in advance for your continued partnership with Mercy Chefs as we stand on the very front lines of the relief effort in this tragic war.

God bless you for helping,

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs

P.S. Pictured above is our volunteer team assembling survival boxes for families inside Ukraine. Each box costs about $20 per family. If you already helped, THANK YOU SO MUCH! I am so grateful for your support. If you can help again, please do! The situation is that urgent, and we are getting support to the epicenter of the need. If you haven't donated yet to help Mercy Chefs' relief efforts in Ukraine, please do so today! Go here: