Saturday Morning Ukraine Report:

Our Mercy Chefs team took food and supplies to a location outside of Chernivsti in southwestern Ukraine. This facility, which features an orphanage with hundreds of children, has been taking in refugees who are fleeing from the centers of the war zone. 

In all, there are about 2,500 orphans and refugees at this facility! Thanks to friends like you, we were able to bring them much-needed food and supplies as they provide a safe haven for so many children and refugees.

Just about every day, our team hears about another urgent need inside Ukraine. Today, we're delivering thousands of pounds of food to Ukrainians who are struggling in the midst of this war. WE NEED YOUR HELP THIS WEEKEND AS WE BRING RELIEF TO UKRAINE! Go here to make your tax-deductible gift:

And go here for more details on a recent delivery to a city that had been cut off by Russian troops.


P.S. We also just deployed to New Orleans in response to the tornado that ripped through that city earlier this week. Today we're serving our first meals for New Orleans tornado victims. As you can see, we need help on both deployment fronts! If you want to help with our tornado relief efforts, go here: