I need help today as we reach out to families and orphaned children here inside Ukraine. Can you help? Go here and see below for details. --Gary

These are still very dangerous times inside Ukraine. Fear is everywhere, especially for the children. Many have been living in a near-constant state of fear for more than 7 months. We visited two orphanages, one which had its roof blown off by a bomb. Thankfully the children survived, but the scars of war remain.

When we first met the children, we could see the fear in their eyes. As we handed the kids specially chosen gifts for their age groups, the expressions of fear started to lift. We began to see smiles. Even laughter. Then everyone started singing and somehow in the midst of war, a moment of joy became contagious.

In addition to Christmas gifts, we brought hygiene items, pillows, blankets and of course food. I can't express what this moment of relief meant to these war-torn children, and to our team. 

Today, we're continuing to reach out to families and orphaned children here inside Ukraine. Will you help us as we bring relief to war-torn Ukraine during what is a very desperate holiday season? Go here to make your tax-deductible gift:

Everything is difficult here. On top of months of war and air sirens and dozens and dozens of rockets hitting the country this week, winter has set in and there is a power shortage. But right now, you and I have an open window of opportunity to help.

Please pray for protection for our team, and especially pray for these children who have been orphaned by war.

Thanks in advance for your help and may God bless you.

Gary and Ann LeBlanc (inside Ukraine)

P.S. Below, Ann and our team are packing up one of the vehicles we are using for these special Christmas outreaches inside Ukraine. We are nearing 4 million pounds of food and supplies distributed. Your gift today can help sponsor 5, 10, 20 or more children to receive a special blessing this Christmas. Go here.