Monday Report from Inside Ukraine:

What our teams are seeing inside Ukraine is tragic and deeply disturbing...

Signs of the war are everywhere... from bombed-out buildings to structures riddled with gunfire. In many areas, the very infrastructure of the country has been decimated. If the war stopped today, it would take years for Ukraine to recover. 

And sadly, far too many people are hiding out in basements just trying to survive the daily attacks. The reality is, conditions are bleak and getting more desperate by the day.

Thankfully, a window of opportunity continues to remain open for Mercy Chefs and our partners to deliver hundreds of thousands of pounds of food deep into Ukraine -- to the heart of the war zone.

As of yesterday, we had already provided over 700,000 pounds of food and supplies. Our drivers and volunteers on the ground are risking their lives and safety to make these deliveries and get the food to those hiding out inside Ukraine.

If I could, I would double our deliveries today. But the costs are astronomical. Delivering the equivalent of one tractor trailer truck into Ukraine costs about $40,000, and we've been doing this day after day during this horrible war.

So I'm writing to you again today because the need is that great! And Mercy Chefs depends on faithful friends like you to help provide every pound of food and every meal we serve.

This week we're staring at a crossroads... I want to expand our efforts in Ukraine but it's a challenge just to keep up with the current costs and demand. Will you help me reach even more people this week inside Ukraine as well as the refugees who are fleeing the country? Go here to make your tax-deductible gift:

Ann and I have been working with our team on the Romanian border. We've traveled inside Ukraine to take part in our deliveries. Every day, the need grows.

Please pray for this war to end! And pray for the people of Ukraine as well as Mercy Chefs' relief efforts to help those who are suffering.

And help as you can! God bless,

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs

P.S. I've included an inside look at one of our distribution points in Ukraine where the food you are helping provide is repackaged for families who are just trying to survive in the midst of the war. I can't disclose the location because we must protect our team and volunteers. The Lord has put together an amazing network of people working to get help to those who are suffering. Please help us keep this lifeline of practical help going! Go here:

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