This week, Mercy Chefs will help deliver 100,000 pounds of food and supplies to Ukrainians on the front-lines of this war. Please help by sponsoring 10, 20, or even 50 Ukrainians, and see below for the latest from Ukraine. --Gary

War is hell, and it creates almost unimaginable paradoxes for those in the midst of it.

This week in Ukraine, cities on the eastern front of this war are facing intense street-by-street fighting. Ukraine President Zelensky said yesterday that the battle for Donbas "will surely go down in military history as one of the most brutal battles in Europe and for Europe." There is deep concern for those still in the city of Severodonetsk as Russian troops have destroyed the main bridges out of the city to the west. That means no food or supplies can get in, and those still in the city have lost their main escape routes.

+ + Even greater need inside Ukraine. Here's why...

While all this is happening, in other parts of Ukraine, people are returning home and trying to re-establish some sense of "normal" in the midst of the destruction and chaos. CNN reports that as many as 2 million people have already returned to Kyiv, and the people there are trying to make damaged homes and apartments livable again. Volunteers are digging out rubble from bedrooms in hopes that families can return to what is left of their homes. All this is happening while the war still rages on.

This means that millions of Ukrainians are still very much in the grips of the crisis of this war. In fact, as people return in hopes of restoring their lives, it is quite possible that MORE Ukrainians need our help today than even a month ago!

This week, Mercy Chefs and our partners will deliver 100,000 pounds of food and resources to those inside Ukraine who still urgently need help. I want to do more. But we can only reach as far as your generous support will take us!

Will you partner with me this week to get 100,000 pounds of food to those inside Ukraine who are either on the frontlines of the war or are trying to rebuild their lives in the midst of the fighting? Go here to help sponsor 10, 20 or even 50 Ukrainians to receive aid while we continue other efforts:

I wish I could report to you that the Ukraine crisis is nearing an end. It's just not the case. There is still intense fighting on the ground and Ukrainians are returning home in the midst of the war in hopes of restoring their lives. These are difficult times. Please pray. And please help as you can.

God bless,

Gary LeBlanc 

News source: CNN