We now have 23 distributions lined up for our "Farmers to Families" meal box outreaches this week. Along with our ongoing relief work in McAllen, Texas, and our community kitchens, Mercy Chefs is on pace to help feed more than a HALF-MILLION people this week alone!

+ + 8.4 million still out of work!

My challenge is, nearly half way through the month, we are far below our budgeted need just to keep pace with the increasing demand for food that we are seeing. One year after the pandemic shutdown began, 8.4 million fewer Americans are working! A new report indicates that small businesses are still being devastated. Currently, 22% of all small businesses are currently closed, which nearly matches the peak of the crisis last year.

The mission of Mercy Chefs to "just go feed people" is in need like never before in our history -- and so is the challenge of meeting that need.

Will you help me feed a HALF MILLION people THIS WEEK? Go here to make your tax-deductible gift directly to Mercy Chefs:

+ + "Thank you for feeding us in our difficult times"

Your support is meeting the needs of people who are facing challenging times right now. Here are a few of the folks who took time in the past few days to say thanks:

  • "You have been a blessing to us and we have enjoyed a couple of your wonderful boxes. Thank you for feeding us in our difficult times." --Barbara
  • "Your organization has been a wonderful blessing to our community. Thanks for being here!" --Joan
  • "This community is still recovering, and you have played a big role in that recovery!" -- Kirsti

Just about every day, a new opportunity to serve arises. Late last week after a series of severe storms hit the Panama City area, our team went right to work providing hot meals to those in need and also helping local police and fire departments. Before the day was out, we had provided 200 meals to area police and fire departments who were pulling extra duty in response to the storm. 

Your support makes every outreach and every meal possible! And this week, we'll reach hundreds of thousands more.

Thanks in advance for your support, and God bless!

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs