The projections for Dorian are worsening by the hour. The storm has already been upgraded to a Category 2 hurricane and is now expected to begin impacting the Florida east coast over the Labor Day weekend before making landfall as a Category 4. But it gets worse.

The models currently call for the storm to slow down significantly as it approaches the Florida coast. If that happens, we could see epic flooding as Florida gets bombarded with massive amounts of rain, combined with storm surge, combined with unusually high tides due to the new moon "king tide." Either the flooding or the wind damage could be catastrophic. If Florida is hit by both, Dorian could be truly devastating.

+ + We are mobilizing

As I noted to you yesterday, Mercy Chefs is already mobilizing in anticipation of a full deployment. We are moving "The Beast" -- our largest mobile kitchen -- to South Carolina to be within a day's drive of the expected landfall area. We are also readying a second mobile kitchen in nearby Birmingham, Alabama. Given the wide range of area this storm could hit, we may need even more resources. I have also been on the phone with our chefs and am telling them to plan for a major and long-term deployment, possibly at multiple sites. In addition, I have contacted church partners across east and central Florida arranging possible site locations for our response after the initial strike.

As the threat of this storm increases, I must increase the expected scope of our response. There simply will not be time to figure out a plan after the storm hits. I must have our mobile kitchen resources, our chefs and staff, and the first wave of groceries all ready to move. That means we face an important financial need TODAY even though the storm is not expected to hit for a few more days. I'm asking friends to partner with us during this critical time.

With Dorian now expected to hit the east coast of Florida as a Category 4 storm that could bring devastating winds and flooding, will you help Mercy Chefs with a tax-deductible gift so we can be ready to respond no matter where or how this storm strikes? Go here to make your gift:

As always, we are praying that this storm will turn back out to sea! Please join with us in praying. Also pray for those who are potentially in the path of the storm. Pray that folks will use wisdom. Pray for protection. And pray for our team as we make preparations.

Thank you and God bless you for your faithful support!

Gary LeBlanc, Founder
Mercy Chefs

P.S. All signs indicate that a MAJOR hurricane -- likely a Category 4 storm -- will hit Florida. And if it slows as expected, it could bombard Florida with catastrophic winds and rain for a prolonged period of time. We simply must be ready. I must increase the expected scope of Mercy Chefs' response. Please help. Your gifts BEFORE the storm hits are so important because they help increase the effectiveness of our initial efforts. Go here to make a tax-deductible gift:

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