The lines for food and water in Honduras keep getting longer. Yesterday we distributed 4,000 meals, but the demand is even greater.

The people kept coming. This is truly a desperate situation. 

We have another Mercy Chefs team member arriving in Honduras this weekend. I want to do more -- more fresh water and more Family Survival Meal Packs that might be all these hurting people have to eat this week.

Please help this weekend. Just $50 can help us feed a family in Honduras right now for FIVE DAYS. $100 feeds two families. Perhaps you can do more. Go here to make your tax-deductible gift to help those who are suffering in Honduras, and click here for more details on our outreach.

Gary LeBlanc

P.S. Yet another storm is developing. Forecasters expect it to become a hurricane and strike Central America with 120mph winds by early next week. Honduras is already devastated. Another storm would be unimaginable. But right now, I must do more to meet the urgent need. Fresh water and the basic essentials we are providing in these Family Survival Meal Packs are absolutely critical. Go here to help: