If you missed my message from yesterday on the Haiti kitchen fire, please click here to read.

Things are developing very quickly as we rush to make the near-impossible goal of having this kitchen rebuilt by June 1. So much has to come together so quickly. That's why I'm heading to Haiti on Saturday with a small team from Mercy Chefs to further assess the situation and finalize our plans.

As I noted to you yesterday, I'm committing Mercy Chefs to this kitchen rebuild, which we originally estimated at $40,000 but could easily exceed that by 25% or more. We simply don't have these funds in our budget, but I'm stepping out in faith. It would be incredible if we could have at least half of the funding by the time we are on the ground in Haiti this weekend. If you want to help, please go here to make your tax-deductible gift directly to Mercy Chefs. And see below for more details on the fire and our plan to rebuild.

Gary LeBlanc