We served another 3,800 meals yesterday and will likely match that today on what will be our final day of deployment here in response to Hurricane Zeta.

Power is being restored more quickly than originally anticipated and the mayors are asking us to wrap up meal service so as not to impact local restaurants and businesses that are now turning on their lights to serve the community.

This is precisely why Mercy Chefs exists -- to meet critical needs and "fill in the gap" in the aftermath of a disaster. At times, that "gap" can last weeks, months, or even years (as in our extended, long-term response in Panama City). 

Local leaders have been effusive in their praise of Mercy Chefs and the extraordinary impact our team has had in the immediate aftermath of the storm. Today, for example, we continued to provide meals to local police and fire departments as well as families whose lives were disrupted by Zeta.

Now, our attention turns to yet another storm -- Hurricane Eta, which is impacting Central America as a CAT-4 monster. We have already been in contact with our team in Puerto Rico who are working on a plan to provide assistance in Honduras. More on that soon.

For now, THANK YOU SO MUCH for making it possible for Mercy Chefs to respond so quickly and effectively here along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. As I've noted, this is our sixth storm response just since the summer. In addition, with your help, Mercy Chefs has provided more than five million meals to those who have found themselves in urgent need during the pandemic shutdown.

Your support is making a real difference for disaster victims, elderly shut-ins and hurting families.

Thank you so much for partnering with Mercy Chefs, and God bless!

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs

P.S. As I noted, we are closely watching Hurricane Eta. With this storm, 2020 ties 2005 (the year that Katrina and Wilma struck) for the most named storms in a calendar year. This year just will not stop! Thank you for making it possible for Mercy Chefs to meet so many unprecedented challenges.