A few days ago, I shared with you about a crisis situation in Uganda.

The poverty is so desperate that hospital patients were dying from malnutrition. They simply didn't have the resources to feed hospital patients!

With our partners on the ground, Mercy Chefs is taking action... and saving lives.

One patient said that if our team had not come, "I would have already died."

Here's what the medical superintendent of the hospital shared with us:

"The number of malnourished children has totally come down. The death rate in the hospital has come down. We pray that you may continue this ministry to save our people.”

I want to help keep this literal LIFELINE open so that more lives can be saved.

Amazingly, we can feed a hospital patient both breakfast and lunch for LESS THAN 50 CENTS. That means your gift of $100 can help provide 500 meals so we can save lives in the midst of this crisis.

Can I count on your help today? Go here to help save lives in Uganda right now:

Again, just $100 can provide 500 meals. Perhaps you can do more. Every dollar will help.

Thanks for your prayers for the people suffering in Uganda and around the globe who are being helped by Mercy Chefs this month. Support from friends like you makes every life-changing and even life-saving meal possible.

God bless you,

Gary LeBlanc
Founder and CEO