A quick update...

Tomorrow morning we are headed into Ukraine to bring much-needed relief to families and children who are facing a very difficult winter.

Our first stop will be Zhytomyr, a key city that links Kyiv to the West. In Zhytomyr, we're meeting up with a group of wonderful women who operate a bakery we have been supporting since the very beginning of this war. These women have been providing bread and other baked goods to needy families and soldiers throughout the war.

Then, we head to Kyiv to help an orphanage there. We're bringing food as well as toys and winter gear. We're also conducting an outreach in Kyiv that will be providing about 300 people with food, coats, and gifts for kids -- as well as wood and stoves to help them heat their homes.

+ + Urgent Needs right now in Ukraine...

Sources of heat and light are URGENT needs in many parts of Ukraine right now due to power shortages taking place across the country. That's why we are also sending emergency supplies to an orphanage in Kharkiv (on the eastern front of the war) where some 700 kids need help. The folks there are asking for lanterns so they can have a source of light at night -- in addition to food and anything we can send to bless the children during the holidays.

Can you help me TODAY as we get ready to reach orphaned children and families inside Ukraine who are facing very difficult times with the onset of winter? Go here to help us bless 10, 20, 50 or even 100 Ukrainian children this week while we continue other vital efforts:

I'm hoping to send video reports but connectivity inside Ukraine is very unreliable right now.

Either way, I will update you as soon as I can.

Thanks in advance for your help and your prayers as we travel inside Ukraine, where tensions remain high in this country still gripped by war.

God Bless,

Gary and Ann LeBlanc

P.S. Most of the orphans are refugees who have lost their parents in the war. Many have sustained serious injuries -- loss of limbs and other disabilities. War is always tragic, but the impact war has on children is devastating. Please help us as we help the people of Ukraine, especially the children.