Evacuees are FLOODING to Nassau -- reports indicate another 15,000 hurricane victims arrived over the weekend. Yesterday, we served 800 meals. Today just for lunch that nearly DOUBLED to 1,200 meals, but we had requests for 3,000 meals and I'm staring at requests for another 3,000 meals for dinner.

We have never been so pressed in terms of need in the entire history of Mercy Chefs. I simply MUST ramp up to meet the need. So I'm flying in three additional chefs immediately. I must purchase the only commercial oven on the entire island. And I urgently need a tilt skillet so we can dramatically increase our capacity.

I must expand immediately to provide thousands of hot meals every day to Hurricane Dorian victims who have been forced to evacuate their homes and are living in shelters. But to do so, I need the entire Mercy Chefs family to stand with us at this critical hour! It costs just $50 to help Mercy Chefs provide 20 hot meals. Perhaps you can donate $100 (40 meals), $250 (100 meals), $500 (200), $1,000 (400 meals), or more. EVERY GIFT WILL HELP US FEED HURRICANE VICTIMS THIS WEEK while we continue other efforts. Go here to make your tax-deductible gift:

We are being told that currently there are 35,000 evacuees that need to be fed -- and the numbers are exploding every day.  And because we're the only ones providing HOT MEALS to the evacuees, everyone is asking Mercy Chefs for help. Yesterday I watched people weep over grits -- because the grits were hot. These dear folks hadn't had a hot meal since the storm struck over a week ago.

THIS IS WHY MERCY CHEFS EXISTS -- to feed people "body and soul" at their most urgent point of need. But as always, we depend on the faithful partnership of friends like you.

Thanks in advance, and God bless!

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs

P.S. Our water purification units made it to Grand Bahama Island and are providing fresh water! I am working on a plan to get hot meals directly to that hard-hit island, but for today I must meet this immediate critical need of feeding the hurricane evacuees. I need your help so we can get more chefs here, purchase the necessary equipment, and ramp up to thousands of meals every day ASAP! Please prayerfully consider how you can help, and go here to make your gift:

P.P.S. If the Lord has blessed you financially and you can make a substantial gift, please consider doing so today. I need to purchase some very expensive equipment so we can dramatically expand our capacity. Your gift can help make that happen. If you prefer to donate by check, go here for instructions.