While our core mission continues to be serving those in the United States impacted by disaster and hardship, so many doors kept opening overseas that we knew we needed to respond. So last year, we formally launched Mercy Chefs Global, the international outreach of Mercy Chefs. 

+ + From Ukraine to Turkey...

What happened in Ukraine was a tipping point for me. When Ann and I first arrived at the Ukrainian border in late February of last year, we couldn't have imagined that Mercy Chefs would provide over 5 million pounds of food to both refugees and those inside Ukraine all the way to the frontlines of this horrible war. It has been the most extensive and most unexpected deployment in our history.

Our work in Ukraine has continued into this year. In the next few days, our Vice President of Mercy Chefs Global is headed back to Ukraine as this important outreach moves forward.

Establishing Mercy Chefs Global helped us respond quickly when the earthquakes hit Turkey and Syria earlier this year. We have helped provide tens of thousands of meals right into the hardest hit areas. Next month, our work in Turkey shifts to providing groceries and supplies to families who are in the long process of building back their lives.

+ + Feeding and Equipping...

Mercy Chefs Global continues to grow across Latin America where our deployments for natural disasters have opened doors for long-term feeding and equipping programs. For example, earlier this year, we opened a permanent kitchen in Honduras that also serves as a teaching and training center for all of Latin America. This beautiful facility will help feed thousands while equipping locals to expand the mission.

Our team was recently in Columbia to host a retreat for partners from Venezuela to strengthen them and help them launch new efforts to feed their communities. In a few weeks, a Mercy Chefs team will head to Mexico specifically to train local leaders in safety and sanitation so meal outreaches can grow to serve their communities.

+ + This month...

It's amazing what happens when you just start doing something to serve and help those who are facing tough times. In 2005, I volunteered my time to help feed Hurricane Katrina victims in New Orleans. The thought never crossed my mind that nearly 18 years later, Mercy Chefs would feed tens if not hundreds of thousands of people every month -- from cities and towns across this country to Latin America, Europe, and Asia!

This month, the same amazing story is unfolding. In April alone, Mercy Chefs will feed tens of thousands of people in response to disaster and hardship. And every meal is made possible by friends like you.

Will you help me keep this lifeline of hope growing and reaching tens of thousands this month? Go here to help sponsor meals for those facing disaster and hardship:

Thank you so much for your partnership and support. Your prayers and your gifts are helping us extend practical relief and hope to so many.

May God bless you richly,

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs