I just arrived here in McAllen this afternoon and already I am realizing that the situation is more chaotic and more desperate than I had even imagined.

This is all very heart breaking. Our team is reporting that we are serving mostly children with their mothers. It seems that kids far outnumber the adults. To see so many moms and kids sitting on the floor in very tight spaces is alarming. Some are huddled together to avoid a leak in the roof. A mom was breastfeeding her baby while sitting on the smallest of mats -- only a few inches wide -- while her other two kids sat right next to her. 

The fear is almost palpable. Whatever excitement they may have is overcome by the uncertainty of the moment. There's of course a language barrier. Beyond that, the conditions are bleak. For example, our team has been serving fresh fruit. It is like Manna from heaven. One man said he had been there for weeks and hadn't seen anything really fresh until Mercy Chefs arrived. 

As soon as I arrived, I joined a meeting as we strategized next steps. I'm on my way to our distribution hub where Mercy Chefs staff and volunteers are serving on the front lines of this humanitarian crisis.

Simply put, we must do more. A political crisis in Washington has created a humanitarian crisis in Texas and real people are being impacted. I can't do anything about the political crisis, but I CAN do something about the humanitarian crisis. I can do what Mercy Chefs is called to do. And that's follow the Lord's instruction to "Just Go Feed People."

Will you help me this week as we work to meet the desperate need here? Especially the kids... they are caught in a tragic crossfire. Just $50 helps us feed 20 people THIS WEEK. $100 will feed 40 people. Go here to make your tax-deductible gift:

Mercy Chefs exists to feed people and shine the light of love into the shadow of despair. Again, most of those we are serving are mothers with children. But something amazing happens when we provide wonderful, chef-prepared meals in even the most difficult of circumstances. All the problems do not disappear, but children change when their hungry stomachs get something nutritious to eat. As one of our chefs told me:

"I cannot describe to you the beautiful silence of full bellies and children sleeping soundly through the night."

I'll be sharing more tomorrow. For today, thanks in advance for your prayers and your financial help.

God bless,

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs