On Sunday for the first time, Fort Myers Beach -- which was totally devastated by the storm -- opened up for residents to return to what may be left of their homes.

Within hours, Mercy Chefs deployed a team with 150 plated meals to hand-deliver hot food to the hardest-hit areas. Our team saw wreckage left behind by the storm that was shocking. Imagine returning to your home and finding a car in your swimming pool!

+ + Searching out those in need...

Our team drove down every single street, looking for anyone who might be in need of a hot meal. We had to swerve around power lines, drive through sand and dirt, and go on foot where the roads were impassable.

On this journey, we met two residents standing near the rubble that was once their home....

It turns out the woman on the right has been a Mercy Chefs supporter for years, faithfully sponsoring meals for others who were caught in the crossfire of disaster. Now, her heart was full of gratitude as she was on the receiving end of the generosity of another caring friend like you. On top of it all, this woman and her uncle are both retired chefs, so they have a deep appreciation for high-quality food.

This happens time and time again. Friends who faithfully partner with us to help when other communities are hit by a disaster one day are greeted by a Mercy Chefs team member who hands them a hot, chef-quality meal in their time of need. It's like seeing the Golden Rule unfold before your eyes...

"Do to others as you would have them do to you." (Luke 6:31)

Today, our team is living out that wonderful "rule" of reciprocal love for the folks here in Fort Myers. To date, we've already served over 170,000 meals, and we'll reach many more in the coming days.

As I write, our team is preparing lunch and dinner for thousands of hurricane victims.  Will you help sponsor 10, 20, 50 or 100 or more hot meals for hurricane victims we'll serve today and tomorrow? Go here:

Today, we help those in Fort Myers and Lee County. Tomorrow, perhaps you or I will be the ones who need a hot meal in our time of most urgent crisis.

Thank you for extending your heart and your hands to those in need.

God bless,

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs

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