This is going to be a DIFFICULT WEEK. Truthfully, our team is getting worn down. Today marks SEVEN CONSECUTIVE WEEKS of wall-to-wall outreach in response to the coronavirus crisis. The meal total during this time will soon reach a QUARTER MILLION, including our Chattanooga tornado response. This is all unprecedented and so is the wear and tear on our team.

Our kitchen team in Virginia is continuing to put in heavy overtime hours to meet the seemingly ever-increasing demand -- even after we expanded our staff. Fatigue is setting in. We had to take a few people off line for a few days to recover from minor injuries. Our distribution centers across the country are still seeing urgent needs, but the cost of the food supplies is increasing.

The fact is, the demand... and the need... are just as urgent or even more urgent than when we started seven weeks ago.

As we face what feels like a very grueling stretch in this battle, will you help Mercy Chefs reach out with love and nutritious food to those who are hurting so badly right now? This week is so important. We must press on! Please prayerfully consider how you can help, and then go here to make your tax-deductible gift directly to Mercy Chefs:

The President called this battle with COVID-19 a "war," and it feels very much like Mercy Chefs is on the front lines! Thanks to you, every day our team is meeting the basic need of good, nutritional food for those who have been impacted the most.  

I know this has been a tough time for many, many families. With 30 million having recently lost their jobs, in a real way we all are impacted! If the Lord has been blessing you in the midst of this crisis, then please consider being even more generous to help meet these needs.

Finally, thank you for your prayers on behalf of our nation, those who are suffering, and our team as we labor to feed thousands "body and soul" every day.

God bless,

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Ches

P.S National leaders have declared today as a special "Giving Tuesday" to help non-profits that are going the "extra mile" in response to the coronavirus crisis. Mercy Chefs has experienced a dramatic increase in demand for our services during this crisis, and we certainly could use your help. Today, we'll provide meals for about 5,000 people. It would be a great blessing if our friends and partners could help fund all the meals we'll provide this week on this special Giving Tuesday. Will you help? Go here: