Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky sounded the alarm yesterday as Russia once again launched missile attacks into Western Ukraine. According to Zelensky, "...this evening, Kyiv and again almost the whole of Ukraine heard the air alarm." He added: "The Russian army does not take any breaks. It has one task — to take people's lives, to intimidate people."

What makes this even more troubling is that millions of Ukrainians have returned to their homes in hopes of restoring their lives, even in the midst of additional attacks and threats across Ukraine. For example, Kharkiv -- Ukraine's second largest city which has been a focus of Mercy Chefs relief efforts -- continues to face near-nightly attacks. Yet many have stayed in the city and many more are now returning in hopes of rebuilding their lives. But conditions in Kharkiv are desperate. Often there is no electricity or even running water.

This week, our mission of mercy for the people of Ukraine continues...

By this weekend, Mercy Chefs will have delivered another 100,000 pounds of food and supplies to those inside Ukraine -- many who are on the frontlines of this war in cities like Kharkiv, Zhovti Vody, Odessa and Kiev. We are providing much-needed food to orphanages across the region. And our team has discovered refugee camps within Romania where the Romanian government is no longer supporting the effort and the locations are struggling to feed those they are housing. Mercy Chefs has stepped in to support

If anything, the need in Ukraine is increasing! And with Russian forces now appearing to gain momentum in eastern Ukraine, we must "dig in" and support the people of Ukraine now more than ever!

But to do so, we need your continued support! Will you stand with Mercy Chefs THIS WEEK as we help feed refugees and Ukrainians who are on the front lines of this horrible war? Go here to make your gift:

If you haven't recently supported our Ukraine relief efforts, please do so today! To date, we have provided more than 2.5 million pounds of food and supplies from our warehouse on the Romanian border to refugees and those inside Ukraine. I want to do even more, but our level of relief depends on the support of friends like you!

And please PRAY for the people of Ukraine. War is devastating, and it is clear that Russia is keeping the air sirens sounding across Ukraine as part of a massive campaign of fear designed to break the will of the Ukrainian people.

Let's stand with those who are suffering!

God bless,

Gary LeBlanc, Mercy Chefs

News sources: CNN, The Guardian